The first inspection of Friesian horses in Serbia was held on June 10 and 11, 2023. sponsored by Mirela Equestrian Club in partnership with KFPS Royal Friesian. Read the following text and discover how we became the only registered stable of Friesian horses in the region.

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‘The event we organized on June 10th and June 11th, 2023 at our club in cooperation with the KFPS Royal Friesian Association from Netherlands can be called the first and the largest equestrian inspection of Friesian horses in Serbia. We are honored that such an important meeting was held under our organization and we thank all participants, especially KFPS, for the shown trust. With our warm hospitality and good coordination, we showed that we are up to an important and big event for equestrian education and sports in Serbia. This has brought many good and truly valuable results to the club itself and to our selected horses, which we intend to improve and make even better in the future. On the first and the second day KFPS Royal Friesian inspected a total of 28 horses of different owners from Serbia. They were evaluated in detail according to extremely strict criteria and we can proudly say that a significant number of our horses received some of the highest awards. Horses are evaluated and awarded according to the standards of KFPS, which has a tradition of over 140 years in working with the Friesian breed. Almost all of our horses were rated excellent and were automatically listed in the Friesian Stud Book, giving us a significant boost for our further business in keeping this wonderful breed. Now we can confidently offer our riders, clients and lovers of the Friesian breed the best quality horses in this part of Europe, i.e. in the Balkans. We will try to maintain the quality in the future and move only towards higher levels in the breeding process. Next year, we eagerly await the second inspection of the KFPS, when we will provide to the new owners and to the fans of this breed to participate in the inspection. Now, we can proudly say that "Mirela" is the only registered stable of Friesian horses in Serbia.’

Slobodan Nikolic, the president of Mirela Equestrian Club

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